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Laura's HBS Medical Disclaimer


This site is based on the research of three HBS sites. I was lead to believe that Harry Benjamin Syndrome was backed by medical and therapy professionals as well as a widespread diagnosis. It is instead a layperson's view authored by Charlote T Guren. The medical signatures on the site are afixed to a "Transsexual Resarch" document not an HBS one. The Standards of Care borrowed from HBIGDA are not a medical care document as one is lead to believe. One wonders if permission was obtained to use Harry Benjamin's name. HBS IS NOT MEDICALLY APPROVED or an offically medically accepted diagnosis as of yet.

If you feel you are Transsexual or identify with HBS you should seek a medical Professional not a layperson. The offical HBIGDA version 6 are the ONLY accepted Standards of Care for Transsexualism at this time.

HBS is a fantasitc idea based soley on Transsexual research. Other writings though are opinions of a non-professional. It is not objective. I hope that in time HBS becomes ofifcial with medical backing. I should have know something was wrong when the main point of HBS was to bash the transgendered. Actual diagnosis was secondary. No medical professional would do that.

My Apologies to all.

Over the next few days I will either decide to remove this site or give it a total rewrite. You are welcome to write me and give me your suggestions.

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